Who Are We

Dattura is a visual storytelling studio.
We create unique, engaging commercial narratives.

Through dialogue and research, our small dedicated team explores
each project’s distinctive values to deliver timeless, meaningful work
that enriches brands.

We help our clients - big and small - find their place and purpose, approaching all projects with the same level of enthusiasm, curiosity and dedication.

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What Our Clients Say

Dattura is one of the most uniquely creative studios I've worked with.
Angela designed our website creative for themartechweekly.com and even after two years, people reach out to me commenting on how tasteful and impressive the website is. Angela was very collaborative and had a unique approach to what was an exceptional illustrative motif for our brand.

Juan Mendoza
CEO: The Martech Weekly | Co-founder: Big Martech

When I first saw Dattura's portfolio of artwork and illustrations for businesses, I knew she would be a perfect fit. The creative process is never easy to work out if you are a business owner, but Angela's experience, talent, and professionalism helped to bring out the best in my podcast series, Living Philosophy, and by extension my consultation business on meaningful work.

Angela not only adds immense value by virtue of her artwork, but also because of the way she engages with content. Angela is intuitive about how design affects the user and stakeholder experience, so working with her was also a process of discovery for me. Her art opens doors in many senses!

Todd Mei, PhD
CEO: Philosophy2U | Project Manager: 1.2 Labs

Angela did a stellar job in designing our house style, website, benchmark report, and book! She did not only iterate very quickly, but she also went above and beyond what we initially briefed. Angela makes a true difference. Love her!

Frans Riemersma
CEO: MartechTribe | Co-founder: Martech Map

Dattura is a creative, out-of-the-box studio that takes their client’s requests into consideration, and goes above and beyond. Angela created marketing promo for my book and made the most beautiful posters, stickers, bookmarks, and more. It was a joy and a delight working with her. I highly recommend her talents to any interested party. I still treasure all the artwork she has created for me.

Aparna Verma
Non-fiction Author | Social Media Manager: Ladder